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It took longer than anticipated but our very first (and hopefully not last) Squash Compilation comic is finished and ready for download at Payhip! 



Penelope's interview
Jim: Hello everyone! Welcome again to- 

Penelope: God, enough already! They're here to see ME! What's happening BITCHES! 

Jim: Hmm, yes...Penelope you've only been officially with BWW for a very short time yet you've already managed to create a pretty impressive fan base. What do you attribute this to? 

Penelope: Speak english Mr.70's Suit! 

Jim: ...Why do you think so many people like you? 

Penelope: DUH! Look at this bod! EVERYONE wants to mate with this bodaciousness! Nothing pleases your junk like a ride on a skunk! 

Jim: Uh huh...........Well how does it feel to be the second youngest wrestler in this tournament? Next to Sabrina you- 

Penelope: YUCK! Ugh, don't say that name, you wanna make me barf? How did that little twinkle-toes even get on the roster, shouldn't she still be in preschool? 

Jim: Well, Penelope I'm sure your fans are interested to hear your thoughts on your upcoming match with- 

Penelope: Listen up Piss Boy! When you get into that ring with me you better be wearing a diaper otherwise you won't have anything to pee with after I get through with you! And don't worry, I had them stash a bunch of kleenex under the ring so we'll all be ready when you start the waterworks! WAAAAAAAA! 

Jim: Well we'd-


Jim: -better wrap this up, lots more stuff to do! Back to you Cherry.  

Penelope: You know you're pretty hot for an old geezer. What are you, like eighty? 

Jim: .......
FaveFights 15 Bracket by FatClubInc
FaveFights 15 Bracket
Jim: Hey BWW fans, Jim here! 

Cherry: -Along with Cherry! 

Jim: We're here to assure you that the upcoming match is in fact still upcoming. 

Cherry: We want to thank you all for your patience and we will keep doing our best to keep you entertained in the meantime. We've still got more bios to throw your way and hopefully a few more behind the scenes stuff! Not to mention continuous coverage on the ongoing Battle of the Behemoths match! 

Jim: And we can finally unveil to you the starting brackets for the matches as well as the tournament name. Now this may not be the most creative title- 

Cherry: Or the easiest one to say. 

Jim: But the executives spent an awful lot of time coming up with this name- 

Cherry: They looked through a thesaurus for an hour. 

Jim: -and Boss found it fitting so we're sticking with it. 

Cherry: And we'd like to keep our jobs. 

Jim: *Ahem* Why don't you start us off Cherry. 

Cherry: You got it Jim. In the first bracket we've got long-time veteran Beth going up against longer-time veteran Widow. Beth has the girth over her opponent but does our lovable commissioner have the festering knack for brute force that comes so naturally to the spider lady? 

Jim: Then it's Talula vs Big Blue, a match that has everyone practically drooling with anticipation. Talula's certainly put on the pounds recently and she's going to need it going up against a wrestler who used to be known as the Iron Tsunami. On the other hand maybe Big Blue's long absence from wrestling has put too much of a halt on her skill. 

Cherry: Then its another appetite-wetting one as everyone's favorite skinny boy Milton goes up against the rookie skunk girl Penelope. Now we all know Penelope packs quite a punch and her noxious aroma certainly borders on cheating in my mind. But Milton's skill has come a long way from the boy who once wet himself while fighting Claire. 

Jim: Ooooh...

Cherry: What? ...Did they not know about that? Oh. Sorry Milton. 

Jim: Anyway, next bracket is Chelsea vs Leila. Two ladies who aren't afraid to get rough in and out of the ring. Chelsea is a fast and hard hitter and certainly has the fortitude and willpower to hold her own against her opponent but one can never be too sure what Leila has hidden up her bikini strap. 

Cherry: -Or how legal it will be. Then its Overweight vs Lucy. This'll be an interesting one. Overweight's a big boy alright but Lucy has held the Champion Belt more than a few times and just because she took a sabbatical doesn't mean she stopped training. 

Jim: Well I know you're really excited about this next one Cherry. 

Cherry: Oh yes! 

Jim: Next its Sabrina vs Victoria. The young firecracker is making her BWW debut against a titan of power. I hope for her sake the young lady is just as vivacious inside the ring as out because Victoria isn't one to hold back just because you're the new girl. 

Cherry: Next it's the bizarre confrontation of Missy Blimp vs Claire. Now Jim, this one is so oddball I'm not sure anyone knows what to expect. Claire is one of the most horribly cruel and unmerciful wrestlers on the roster, not to mention her recent ballooning for the Behemoths match. And Missy has barely ever been in the ring! Of course with her inflation ability she might end up having a size advantage over Claire! Who knows? 

Jim: We'll just have to wait and see. Then its Robbie vs Zelda, two aggressive, large wrestlers each with somewhat of a vendetta against the other. The arena will surely shake when these two titans slam into each other but of course only one will be left standing. 

Cherry: It's a good thing the arena's third earthquake insurance policy came through Jim, because this is going to be one hell of a tournament! 

Jim: I can't wait Cherry and we hope you can't either! We'll have more coverage coming your way and hopefully some other goodies before the tournament begins! I'm Jim. 

Cherry: And I'm Cherry! 

Jim: And this is Big Women Wrestling! Thank you! 
...You know Milton will never speak to you again. 

Cherry: I thought everyone KNEW about that! 

Jim: At least you didn't tell them about him crying during his first training session. 

Cherry: He DID? 

Jerry: Uh, guys? We're still broadcasting. 

Jim: What? But I signed off! 

Jerry: You're sign off is 'Goodnight'. 

Jim: It's mid afternoon! 

Cherry: ...sorry Milty... 

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